Weekly Links


Sandy Bem’s decision to end her life before Alzheimer’s took it from her – and what that meant for the family members who had to help her do it. What happens after the after when you’ve been shot and the whole nation knows about it. As Rachel says in Friends, everyone likes being told you’re in love with them. The ultimate baby buddies – also what it means to support someone who is going through the same thing as you, and yet something you can never understand – also how to love your wife’s baby just as much as your own. You’ll never get to know someone if you don’t break down a few barriers.


The Lumineers’ music video for “Ophelia”. Robin Schulz and Richard Judge – “Show Me Love”. Troye Sivan covering “Here” by Alessia Cara.


Wendy Mac’s explanation and illustrations of the American Bison of Golden Gate Park. Also the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch In Its Own Words. Really just Wendy Mac all around.


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