Monday Moodboard

plastic people poster
Tell me about the way the sun hits the corner of her eye in the early evening. You had been yelling about the dog and the roof and money, always money. But then it happened again. She was standing at the window by the sink. Tell me about how she turned her head to look at you and you felt human for the first time. When everything around you disappeared and your knees didn’t exist. When yelling felt like an interruption. When pink was no longer a color but a feeling. Tell me how you felt like a child again but couldn’t really explain why. Only that loving her felt like the easiest thing in the world. Tell me that in thirty years when you close your eyes to the sun, the color you see reminds you of that day. Think about it now and imagine how many times humans have written about light touching the body. Trying to find the words to capture something so weightless.
          – Kelsey Danielle, “Weightless”

“It’s not about the problems that you have, it’s about the problems that you solve.” – a little gem from Mike and Angela’s interview on Coupla Questions

Halsey at Paris fashion week by DonsLens (x)


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