Weekly Links


This article on WaitButWhy about people who are always late describes every mental process I go through on the daily to a disturbing level of clarity. What it looks like to watch more women on Netflix. Ruben Vives’s report on the rise of street vendors in LA. How these bathroom bills are merely a symptom of a much larger disease in our country. Hilton Als’s insightful, poetic, and brilliant story on Maggie Nelson.


Olivia Campbell’s interview with the What’s Underneath Project this week – “I’m happy with my body and I’m happy with my madness.” Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple’s music video for “Left Handed Kisses”


In a youtube spiral I came across this old music video with Fiona Apple and Zach Galifianakis and grinned my whole way through it. It’s everything you didn’t even realize you needed in your day.


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