After one too many run-ins with the transportation authorities here in Prague, I have been walking everywhere for the past week and a half or so. It’s an immensely walkable city, and having to allow walking time for every commute is potentially helping me to beat my bad habit of being unfashionably late for everything in my life. Logging mile after mile in my tired shoes with podcasts playing in my ear as fill in for conversations. Podcasts are a saving grace for the isolated person.

So I started my day with a walk to school: thirty minutes, two podcasts, an endless stream of cobblestone and red lights, and I was in class where my friend met me with a cappuccino at just the right temperature and some bites of her salad. We began to write our final Czech speeches and I focused on my brother, detailing his tall and his blond and his godliness and then class ended and I went to a cafe to get lost in hours of an internet spiral. Chihuahua spinning in bubble-wrap. I’m at 2610 spins, as it is forever playing in the background of my life now.

I think sometimes it is important to type in pen – no mistakes no erasing always moving forward. Write like you live. NEway I spent time at the cafe practicing the art of trusting the public aka leaving my laptop on the table while I went to the bathroom. and then S and I tried to get our earrings replaced but the man eating sticky glaze-covered BBQ chicken behind the counter put on rubber gloves and ran his hands over the studs and told S hers was not healed enough and to come back next week. So we met E/L/C at Barfud and ate burgers and drank cider and talked about sex dreams and endings. not sex endings but life endings. maybe both. And then there was a fort made of hammocks we’ve never used because it refuses to get quite warm enough and watching videos of dogs racing in swimming pools and then I went back to my room and my roommate is apparently deciding to teach herself guitar so I won’t be sleeping tonight.


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