cat cards

The longevity of life and realizing that it isn’t forever / nothing is forever / and that is so okay / not only is it okay, but it’s actually exactly how it should be. Because here’s the thing – you aren’t forever. Your tastes and feelings and commitments and energies are fleeting and fast and transient.

I have been feeling so transient / the moving girl.

The magic act of figuring out who you are when you have so many homes that unpacking isn’t an option. When your heart is this torn how do you know which piece to pay attention to?

The last episode of the series and I cried because college – and leaving leaving leaving – have made me way too sensitive to families of any kind.

My brother wants everything to change because he’s turning 16 and that’s when things change

paralleled to me wanting nothing to ever change again because I’m turning 20 and my world has been spinning too fast for too long now.

Sending tiny cards with cats on them to everyone my heart is panging for / my heart is praying for / bargaining with the cosmos that I’ll be able to hold them all to me / that my absentminded large-heartedness won’t destroy it all.

I want to be enough for everyone & isn’t that fucked up.


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