Friday Night


(post-it portraits)


I asked the barista at the cafe if I could please have the bathroom key one more time even though yes I knew they were closing in five minutes, and then shuffled into the stall with all of my bags from work. Off went the work dress (that I used to wear with my hair up at clubs in Prague / oh how things change) and I shimmied into a sports bra and my dress from senior ball in high school. Lipstick. Wash hands. Grab the bag I’d accidentally left at my table in the back corner of the coffee shop okay yes I left the office early to come watch Criminal Minds in the air conditioned wifi of this lovely establishment because the office was overheating and empty and void of any actual work for me to do. So.

Seven blocks and I’m sweaty once I reach the parking garage and extract my car from the piles of autos filling up this place and then drive three more and parallel park successfully on your first try just to show off to the elderly man driving behind you and walk walk walk across the street to the park and the entrance of the night’s festivities. No sir, I will not be drinking tonight so you don’t need to check my ID thank you thank you please stop looking at me like that police officer with a mustache trying to grow big enough to cut off airflow to his ear thank you and you’re in! Concert in the Park.

Find Ryan’s booth, help him set up greeting cards and necklaces and discuss potential reasons the artist selling stamps at the booth next to ours is getting so much more foot traffic. Lay on the ground and watercolor speed portraits of each other and all the sweaty slimy people walking around wondering how they stumbled upon this park full of so much quiet desperation. Eat nachos and look at the van full of vintage clothes (find myself wishing the eternal wish that nothing in this world cost money) and stand around at the booth drinking Sprite and begging passersby with my eyes.

Goodbye Goodnight / time to go pick up my mom from a bar and stop for frozen yogurt on the way home and then go back to the frozen yogurt place because she forgot to get some for the rest of the family and then go back a third time because she thought she forgot her phone there.


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