Week Links

Week Links


“It’s okay to be scared of the monsters, but it’s not okay to let them in, and it’s not okay to become one.” – Criminal Minds

Ann Friedman’s interesting discussion on friendship and learning how to ask for what you want in platonic relationships.

“Even cool chicks are still women. And there’s no easy way to be a woman, because, as you may have noticed, there’s no acceptable way to be a woman. And if there’s no acceptable way to be the thing you are, then maybe you drink a little. Or a lot.” – Kristi Coulter

“She’s a woman. She probably learned to read between the lines before she could read the lines themselves.” – Kristi Coulter, again. Seriously. Read this.

Maggie Tokuda-Hall’s story about having a million babies and enough love for all of them, “Mother Miri Full of Grace”

Amy Rose Spiegel’s interview with The Rumpus about her new book – Action: A Book About Sex

Finding the people who are comfortable in the same way as you, and learning to let go of them until you’re older – a 13 year old’s fashion week experience.

“We had known each other in the dark nonspace, nontime of the uterus; we had met each other before there was anyone there to meet.” (Zan Romanoff)

Sandra Cisneros on moving into her first apartment and the importance of alone.

Bringing down fertility rates to save the world.


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